We measure TRUST

Security Assessment Framework for Enterprise

An Enterprise Wide, Objective, Unified, Real Time Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) platform which incorporates both technical & business aspects with an output for prioritised decision making.

How SAFE works?

SAFE aggregates risk-related data from IT assets and applications across 12 technology verticals (example: Servers, End Points, Network Devices, Databases etc.) in a central repository where it is aggregated, normalised, parsed and correlated, to come up with the Technology SAFE (breach likelihood) score both at a macro (across all technology devices) and at a micro (score per IP address) level.


SAFE provides a unified cyber risk and compliance assessment approach weaved by our GRC practice, with all significant parameters, i.e., technology, topology, threat level, business priorities, and the law of the land, to help arrive at a compliance posture. The controls in the compliance posture are linked directly to the security controls per cybersecurity policy and procedures that rolls up to your overall Security Risk Posture.